March 2012

Mom has been running a lot lately! She is training for all these races where she gets a trophy!! How cool is that?

This is mom, Tracey, and Popaw after the 10K (6.2 miles)

During the 10K
Popaw, Tracey, Mom, and Emily at the 5K race that was REALLY COLD!!! I froze my booty off!
Mom during the 10K waving to me--she loves me so!
Before the 10K race

Well Brother G turned 1 this month!!!! Can't believe he has been around long enough to finally be a number! But here he is---in all his glory!

I will update more when Blogger is working right...right now it is bed time and it is taking FOREVER to load a picture.

February 2012

Sorry this is SO late but I have been pretty busy lately! You know I started "dre'nastics" on Monday night, Fit Club with Momma on Tuesday nights, Wednesday night is Mexican, seems like we are always busy!

So anyway in February we were busy too!

This is Emma's birthday party at Club Tabby! We got to get all "dolled" up and fixed up like a princess, it was super fun. And then we got to do a fashion show. Our momma's even got all fixed up! Aren't they cute???
Me and Mom decided to make rainbow cupcakes, she found the idea from none other then Pinterst! They turned out pretty cool. Mom says they were more like Mardi Gras cupcakes because we ran out of room to add in red or orange, so they were yellow, blue, green, and purple. But they were really cool.
See, I told you they were cool looking!
And tasty too!
G man showing off his manly chest and giant muscles!! He is so funny and he loves puppy so much!
February also had Valentine's Day! We went over to a friends house for a little V-day celebration, got my face painted, my nails painted, made a handprint heart, and played! It was fun. Me and G got little Valentine's presents too from mom and dad, Gage got some dinosaur shoes and I got a new leotard for drenastics.
Brother after a bath! He loves baths! He splashes everywhere!
Gage is learning to play peek-a-boo. He pretty much thinks it is the funniest thing ever!
Me in the tub like a mermaid.
I have really been working on writing my other name, my mom calls it my last name but I don't know why, it's just the other part of my name, KINGSBURY, that is a lot to write! But I'm doing good! I know my first and last name and my address.
This is Gage's favorite spot of all, he loves helping mom unload the dishwasher, he really doesn't help, he just plays and makes a mess. BROTHERS!!!!
Mom and G man after a run
Here is Gage's other favorite spot...unrolling toilet paper! He thinks this is the funnest game on the planet!
Nina, Kara, Gage, and Me on Nina's birthday! Kyle was sick so he wasn't able to go :(

January 2012

I love you!
Me and G
--mom really struggles to get a good picture of both of us together, I don't know why? we are both so cooperative!Me being super silly...
Me at almost 4 1/2 years old
Gage 10 months old

Dancing in my new found shades! I'm pretty much a rockstar!
Me and Emma being Diva's! Don't you love how my sunglasses are way to small? I just found those and want to wear them all the time.
Happy G man!
We got some snow and I was super excited to make a snow angel. I wanted to make a snowman but there just wasn't enough snow. But I did get to make several angels. I got my outfit REALLY wet and it took 15 mins to get dressed and I only stayed outside for 3 mins but it was fun! Gage and Mom stood at the window and watched me, Mom says Gage is too tiny to come out play in the snow.
This month was Popaw's Birthday!!!! A PARTY!!!!! Well kinda, not a party like for my birthday apparently when you get old you just want to eat out as your party, I totally do not get that. But anyway, it's Popaw's Birthday so he gets to pick and he picked El Rodeo. Surprise Surprise! It was good and G man ate a lemon and loved it! Gross!
G man and Puppy taking a nap! He LOVES his puppy so much! I don't know what mom and dad will do if he ever loses puppy...maybe they should look for a replacement?
I don't know if you know or not but I HAD a habit of playing with my hair--ALL THE TIME!!! Mom and Dad were about tired of it and had told me about 12,000 times to stop. But it was a habit and it takes drastic measures to break a habit. I had saw these new Lego Friends on tv and I really wanted them . They are girl Lego's. So dad made me a deal...if I could stop playing with my hair for a day and a half, he would buy me some. Guess what? I took him up on that! I really wanted these. I slipped up once or twice during the day and a half process but quickly corrected myself. I got the beauty salon and it is super cool! Dad says if I start playing with my hair he will take my Lego Friends away, this is going to be a work in progress people!

New Years Eve Party

I got invited to a New Year's Eve Party at my friends Layla and Lilly's house. I've never been to a New Year's Eve Party before, I wonder what we do?

So mom and dad dropped me off about 6. We sang, played, ate, played, danced, played, ate, and so more! Ms. Becky had a balloon drop at midnight, we got champagne glasses with grape juice in them to toast, we let off lanterns, and ate A LOT! As we were letting off lanterns after midnight I told Ms. Becky, "this is the best party EVER". Ms. Becky melted! She said that made the night!

So I went to bed REALLY late and Nina and Popie were supposed to pick me up for church at 9 am the next morning...EXCEPT that about 6:45 I woke up puking!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!???!?!!?! Is this what a hangover is? A junk food hangover!

So Ms. Becky had to call my dad and he came and got me, mom gave me a bath, and then they put me back to bed, where I slept until 11:15. So I missed church completely! Oops!

December 2011

Happy December Everyone! Did you know that Santa comes this month? Well, we also got a new friend, Phony the Elf! He was a popular friend at our house this month. He was a secret spy for Santa and reported to Santa every night how me and G had been for the day.

Here's a pic of Popaw and G man, everyone calls Popaw "the Gage whisperer" he and Gage can sit and play for hours! G loves to feel his beard and play with him.

Here are some pics from Christmas morning!!! It was super cool! Santa left me tons of stuff...
A new bike, life size paper dolls, a picture of me and my brother, dress-ups, and some musical instruments (that was to me and G). And you know the funniest thing, Santa left me some MUSTARD in my stocking!!! Can you believe it? He knows how much I LOVE mustard so he left me a bottle in my stocking. He really knows me!
Here is G man eating one of his basketballs. He loved everything Santa gave him, a basketball goal, a train track, and a workbench! Santa was really good to us! We must have been really good!
Mom snapped a picture just before she came to wake me up. Cause you know she had to wake me up, the one morning I decide to sleep in and everyone is waiting to see me!
This is painful for me to talk about, so I'm going to hand it over to mom for a bit...
This is Phony and El. He came to live with us around Thanksgiving and every night he would fly back to Santa and give a report on El and Gage. Every morning he would be in a different spot and we had to find him but we couldn't touch him cause he would lose his magic!

However, on Christmas Eve he was going to fly back to Santa and stay there until next year and that made El VERY sad. She was so pitiful and sad. She said, "but Phony's my friend". I cried, she cried, it was not fun! But hopefully Phony will send us pictures from his vacation.
Over Christmas break my friend Mallory came over to visit and spend the night. It was a super cool slumber party! We stayed up to 9:45 and had a fun time. We colored, dressed up, played with my dollhouse! It was fun! It was the first time I've had a friend over (other then Kara).
Here is G man in the tub!!! Look at his baby blues! Mom loved this picture!
G man learned a new trick, he can stand up in his bed now...Mom and Dad are not thrilled! They had to lower his mattress.
And he's so skinny, he lost his pants...Mom thought I pulled his pants down but I didn't. She blames stuff on me all the time but I didn't do it "this" time!
Phony hanging out in the village.
Me and G in our matching pj's that Aunt Shine sent us from Texas! Aren't we adorable?
Phony "hanging" out on the light, literally!!!
G man as a snowman, this used to be my outfit you know?
This was my homework from Ms. Tanya. We had to decorate this tree as a family! It was super fun. We put lots of stuff on there to represent every one in our family!
Phony hanging out again.